Chilled Wine

So you want me to come over now?

Yes right now!

Well, we cant do what we did the last time I was there because I scuff my knees up pretty bad.

Pain is pleasure, isnt that what they say?

That is what they say!

No baby, dont worry about it I dont want you on your knees, just hurry up and get here!

Okay Im on my way...and I am wearing a new little pretty black situation I think you might enjoy!

Its not what your wearing that I really care about, I wanna admire all that is underneath!

Ok Baby...Im on my way!

I see ya when you get here..........................

Once she arrives, inside the fire is blazing in the fireplace in the bedroom. The lights are dimmed and Raheem Devaughns "Im Single" is playing softly in the background. Two goblets of Pinot Grigio are sitting chilled along side a plate of strawberries.

About a half hour later he opens the door.................

All this for me?

All for you sexy, take off your coat, your clothes but leave your heels on, DAMN... you look sexy as I dont know what right now!

Why thank you, your turning me on yourself, I like the way those silks pants fit on you!

She wiggles out of her short denim skirt and pulls her sweater over her head...before she can drop it to the floor good he pushes her up against the door as if she is under arrest and holds her arms together with one hand while he kisses along the sides and around the back of her neck. She pulls her hair to the side so that he can maneuver without any obstruction...

You are quite hungry arent you

You have no idea

He continues kissing down her spine and he takes off her bra all awhile she is pinned up against the door... he stands back, admires the view of her nice round ass so perfectly sculptured and protuding out of her lace boyshorts. Her arms begin to get restless so she tries to lower them and he slams them back up against the door...she surrenders. He continues kissing her down her back to her ass crack and then he lowers to his knees and pulls her panties off her hips and allows them to fall damn on one leg. He grabs her by the waist and walks her over to the couch.

He forcefully bends her over the couch so that she is facedown and ass up. He has her ass so far up in the air you can see her nicely bare and hairless pussy. He proceeds to start from where he left off by kissing her from her ass crack all the way to the tip of the back of her pussy and her legs attempt to get weak.

Dont go gettin weak on me now

Im not, I just...its just.... He has her speechless

He continues to kiss down each one of the backs of her legs teasing her all the while.... while he is on his knees he grabs her by her waist so that she is bent with her pussy staring him directly in the face, he strokes his dick while he gets an eyefull of the juiciness of her peach as he watches the gushing roll down her leg...

Babe your really wet

Hmmm I wonder why

He begins to suck on her clit in a slurping motion drinkin in her sweet nectar.....

mmmmm so juicy so sweet

Isnt that how you like it Babe


He sucks on her pussy relentlessly while stroking his dick with one hand and pulling her around the waist with the other to ensure that her pussy remains in his mouth...he sucks and sucks till she is so weak she cant stand any longer. He stands up and sticks his stiff dick in to her pussy, it glides in with no restraint because her pussy is dripping wet. He holds her by the waist while he strokes inside of her in and out. He pulls his dick out and sticks two fingers in her pussy and turns her around as to face him, he attempts to stick her fingers in her mouth but she turns away..

SO he sticks his tongue in her mouth and they begin kissing, he kisses her deeply and then he starts kissing her neck. He moves downto begin sucking on her beautiful succulent breast. He lifts her up in to the air back on his dick and he fucks her all around the room and they end up back where they started from against the front door. He strokes her pussy so good and she moans at the feeling of ecstasy. The music has long stopped and all you can hear is the heavy moans and panting. He cums inside of her and begins to jerk as the feeling is so electric he cant stop cringing. He lowers her to the ground and they sit at the door with their backs agains the wall.

All of a sudden in a panic he hops to his feet as if he is snapping back in to reality

OH shit what time is it?!

I dont know, about 9 or 10pm

Oh baby, I have to go ...there is somewhere I need to be an hour

Okay, well let me take a quick shower and I will stay until you get back

No, you cant, I mean I cant ..I mean I dont know what time I will be back and or if I will.....

He helps her retrieve her clothes careful to make sure she doesnt miss or leave anything behind. He opens the door as she slides her coat on. He gives her a nice long kiss.....

You want me to call you when I get home

Ummm, just text me babe, just in case I miss your call

Are you sure,  and is everything okay because you seem to be rushing me

No everything is fine I just gotta handle something but I will call you when I get back in ...I promise!

He kisses her again and sucks on her bottom lip... and then slaps her on the ass on her way out the door

Okay babe I will talk to you later

She walks out the door and he stands his doorway waiting until she drive off. He heads to the shower. Once out he throws on a pair of red silk pajama pants while he remains shirtless. About five minutes later he hears a knock on the door.  As he walks to the door he hits replay on the CD. He opens the door and in comes a beautiful woman...

OOOh, wine....strawberries.....All this for me?

All of this is for you sexy, I want you to take off your coat, your clothes but leave those heels on, you look so sexy right now.....................................................



Anonymous said...

West Coast Chick says
Dayum- its hot in here! lol

Yvonne79 said...

Play on Playa

Anonymous said...

No good ass nigga

ELove said...

So WHY is Dude stroking himself while EATING THE COOCHIE (Real...)



Oh and one more thing...

A REAL F-ing MAN would never start something HE CAN'T FINISH !!!(MF-ing Real...)

CHA CHA said...

E love going hard on the Bruh..LMAO. To funny...You know you an old skool lover..these dudes nowadays... HAVENT a Clue...LMAO

Mirs' said...

I know that first bish was pissed. LOL.

Yvonne79 said...

Mirs' said...
I know that first bish was pissed. LOL.
December 7, 2010 1:50 PM
I know right? Rushing her out and stuff....

ELove said...

@Cha Cha
Ohh I KNOW... One of my God-Sons (WHO GOT GAME FROM ME...) Tell me about the Females he be Banging OUT talking about HOW he is NOTHING like the Other Dudes his Age **LOL**

And THESE Knit-Wit FOOLS be wondering WHY all of the Young Females be racing to US Mature Bruthas (Real...)

CHA CHA said...

MAture Brotha at HOME ....Check *wink