Find a tall-backed chair — such as one from your kitchen table or a desk — pad it with some pillows, and sit him down. Straddle his hardened member and lean back slightly, placing your hands on his knees. Extend your legs, one at a time, until each of your ankles is resting on one of his corresponding shoulders. Pump your booty back and forth at a speed that makes you moan. To supercharge your thrusting power, balance your weight between your ankles and your hands.



In the midst of our heavy, breathing , moaning,, and panting we lock eyes. Your strong body towered on top of me and the look in your eyes transfer a glare of connection I have never experienced from you before.
Rapid chills traveled through our limbs as my body signals a message to my mind of surrender.
Your every stroke, lift, push,pull and penetration inside of me incorporates a feeling only my body can respond to.
In response my sweet puzzy gets wetter and wetter engulfed with waves of juices beyond measure. My puzzys attention is undivided and is continuously meeting your every acquaintance, feeling every single one of your veins , your ridges, your tip , every inch of your girth. 
Quietness fills the room and   no words are being exchanged, only the intensification of our bodies connected.
This magic moment, these feelings, these emotions are to much for us to consume and in an instance your body goes weak and lifeless.
Your eyes grow wider, your jaw becomes stronger and you fight and fail to compress your excitement. I feel you, I’m with you, I have your back as we fight the good fight of ecstasy but it can no longer be contained.
 We lay limp with our bodies covered in sweat and  alas we score.


Have you ever had some loving so good it made you, call in from work, lie to your friends, or share your credit.... HA!

I GOT SOME LOVIN SO GOOD ONE TIME IT MADE ME _________________________.


K.D AUBERT (Currently the featured lady in music artist Lloyd's video "Lay your Head") amongst other roles. Some people refer to her as "The Black Angelina Jolie".  For more information  on KD click here I am all about the men but she can definitely get a second glance from me, this girl is definitely SMASH......

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If you’re bored with the standard woman-on-top pose, this position is a fun, frisky way to mix things up. Your guy lies on his back, one leg outstretched and the other bent, knee pointing upward. You straddle his body sideways with your back turned slightly to his face, hold on to his knee, and lower yourself onto his penis. In this pose, your stomach is almost touching his bent knee; use it for support and leverage as you rock back and forth, and up and down