Take To The Sky On a Natural High

Oh my GAWD...its so funny how some of the most simplest things can be turned into the most passionate. Hubby and I were just sitting on the couch watching an episode of "That 70's Show" and we turned to face each other. I love my husbands light brown eyes. I get real sick in love when he looks at me. Hubby is almost always ready to go when it comes to humping. Anyhow, after a long lock of the eyes we kiss....at first  its just a couple of routine loveable pecks, but for some reason it turned in to a marathon of tongue kissing out of this world. We hardly ever tongue kiss and its definitely skipped during intercourse, cus he says it speeds up the process (His)..LOL but after that intense situation we hurried to the room and the fat lady was sangin..he he he he!!!

Remember...Treat passion like a talent, use it as often as you can so it doesnt go to waste ...ChaChella

The best kiss scene ever "Hustle and Flow"