When it comes to the topic of sexual partners, fellas are you more inclined to desire a woman that has been with several men OR only a few?

Women similar question, are we really honest if we think that a MAN who is inexperienced able/capable of pleasing us?

GIVE IT TO ME REAL AND RAW (comment back)


Anonymous said...

The line between having experience and having too much experience is both fine and subjective.

I want a man that knows what he is doing. But I don't want a whore.

Queen of My Castle said...

I agree with Tanna. OMG, there's nothing like a man that knows what he's doing.

ELove said...

Well I'm not LQQKING for a VIRGIN (MF-ing Real...)

And the ONLY NUMBER I'm concerned with is HOW MANY STDs have you contracted and WHAT KIND... AND it better be ZERO **LMAO**

And FEMALES are NEVER Truthful when it comes to telling a man HOW MANY Sexual Partners she has had (Real...)

NOW A REAL Woman will be honest with a REAL Man though and I KNOW THIS for A FACT !!!