All About Me

What is this feelin deep inside me
This feelin that takes a way my breath and makes it hard for me to breathe
A feeling deep down in the depths of my soul
So strong I can feel it in my hands my feet and even my toes
It starts in center of my body and travels down my thighs
I clench my hands together and look toward the sky

You hover over me as my hips start to rise
All the while you’re looking me dead in my eyes
My body starts to tremble and my heart starts to race
The moment I feel your breath on my face
You whisper in my ear that’s it’s all about me
And in just a few seconds I’ll be reaching my peak
My muscles begin to contract and my body begins to shake
Deep down inside it feels like a many earthquake
I’m dazed and confused and too weak to get up
and you look in my eyes and say “baby you’ve just been mind phucked”

By: BrownSugaPoet

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