Text: U late Im on your side of town could’ve handled everything tonite
Lover: Come suck ma dyck
Text: LOL yeah ok we will see whose faking or not meet me by the pool
Lover: Nah where we were the first time we fuked
Text: Call ME

Me: Hey boo how you been whats been up
Lover: Ain’t chit been up whats been up with you? You’ve been MIA
Me: Nah you been MIA so we good rite
Lover: Let me see if you suck it good and then I’ll let you know
Me: Uh so what you saying I haven’t sucked it good in the past
Lover: I didn’t say that
Me: Well I don’t like being bribed
Lover: Come on
Me: Unzip your pants

Pants unzipped big beautiful brown cock standing erect sooo much girth I can barely fit it all in my mouth but as soon as I get my mouth on it I’m moaning and chit cuz I love the size and feel of it.  He’s moaning and talking dirty to me I’m ready to have sex only that wasn’t the arrangement for that night-Im going down sucking licking moaning grabbing pulling and loving the fact that I’m pleasing him.  I’m gagging cuz he is know fuking my mouth and moaning getting ready to come – He’s telling me he’s about to come and I’m sucking and pulling harder until finally my mouth is filled with warm liquid, his sweet nectar I drank his essence and sealed our fate- First time I swallowed with him and had the nerve to want to feel his warmth run down the back of my throat again and again… X Lover is no Longer X!



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ELove said...

I DOUBT very seriously if X-Lover is now the Husband (Real...) She's a paid side-piece and A FREAK he definitely wants to keep around as long as he possibly can... And AIN'T NOTHING Wrong Wit Dat !!!

And if IN FACT he is the NOW Husband.. Dude's a walking nervous Wreck because He KNOWS he can't possibly keep Her Sexual FIRES LIT to the extent where she will never GIVE THAT TREATMENT to someone else (Real...)

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Choco said...

Funnnny at Shay LOL

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West Coast Chick says:

so after she do him.. do he do her???

CHA CHA said...

LOL West Coast Chick... Good Question.... We shall see in Part 2