After a quick break you ask if I'm ready for round 2. I tell you I am but try to explain to you as your kissing my neck that we can't be as loud because I know I heard my room mate come in. You say "ok" but I really dont think you were listening. While laying on top of me you start to run your tongue up and down the right side of my neck and I'm thinkin to myself  "he knows that shit drives me crazy!" You start to suck on my right earlobe which turns me on even more so by now I'm squirming with delights as I start to get wet and in the midst of my squirming I can feel your dick getting harder and harder. You slowly circle my right nipple with your tongue and the more your circle it the more the wetness from your tongue shows up on my nipple in the faint light. After circling it a few times you take my nipple in your mouth and begin to suck like a new born baby receving his mother's breast milk for the very first time. My moans get louder and you move on to my other breast and for a brief second I open my eyes to watch and for a brief moment I thought I saw a shadow in my doorway. I'm thinkin "surely she isn't watching" and then I don't see the shadow anymore so I just chalk it up to me not seeing clearly since it was somewhat dark in the room. You take your tongue down the middle of my stomach and circle my navel and then begin to go down further. By now my pussy is soakin wet and throbbing ready to be sucked. You trace the outside of my lips with your tongue to tease me and by now I'm ready to scream in delight. You spread my lips to see how wet I am to see if I'm ready for what you're about to give me. You stick two finges in and slowly pull them out and your fingers are dripping with my juices. You put your fingers to your mouth as if you're going to suck the juice off then decide to stick them in my mouth instead and make me suck the juice off. You decide it's time to end my torture so you stick your tongue deep inside me and start to move your tongue around so you can taste every part of my walls. My pussy is drippin wet and as you start to suck the juice out I open my eyes and see the shadow in the doorway again and realize my roommate Vicky has been watching the whole time and by this point she really doesn't care that i see her. I say her name startled and surprised and once you realize she's been watching you ask if she wants to join and she says she'll just watch. I grab your head to pull you in deeper and Vicky is standing up against the wall with one hand in her panties and the other massaging her breast. The more I watch Vicky the more turned on I get and the wetter I get so when I moan Vicky moans and you start to slurp on the pussy because it's so wet. Apparently Vicky is soaking wet too because she takes her hand out of her panties and starts to suck her juices off. By now I'm starting to feel like I'm about to cum and  tell you I can't hold it any longer. I get that feeling deep inside my stomach and it shoots all through out my body and I start to cum as my body shakes in pleasure. The more I cum the more you suck and the more Vicky moans. You stop sucking  while the cum is steady running out and tell Vicky to come taste it.  She hesitates for a moment but slowly walks over and kneels down beside you..............(to be continued)
By Brown Suga Poet                                   

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